Tim Danko
Audiobooks and

Long-form Narration
warm, thoughtful, engaging ..... the voice of everyman

After a long and rewarding career in business, technology, and consulting, I've returned to the work I loved so much in college - voiceover.  At that time, it was radio.  Now, it's narration for audiobooks, documentaries, and other long forms.

I narrate from my home studio in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Among the genres I enjoy narrating are science fiction, mystery, religion/spirituality, and science/medicine.  My voice is described as warm, thoughtful, trustworthy, and  “every man”.

Outside the studio, I am my wife’s personal help desk for all things technology-related, helping my local parish with strategy and communications  and in the never-ending online chess tournament with a life-long friend.


Microphone - Neumann TLM-103
Interface – Sound Devices USBPre2
Recording Software – Adobe Audition CC 2016
Processing software - Izotope RX5 Basic
Operating System – Windows 10 Professional
System – Custom build Intel-based PC
Sound floor -62db