Tim Danko
Audiobook Performance
evocative, authentic, engaging
"Tim has a voice of authority. People want to believe what he says."
...Christina Rooney, Penguin Random House
"Tim found just the right voice style and pace that I was looking for."
...Linda Pendleton, author of A Search for Meaning
"I will listen or pass on a book because of the narrator. Tim is outstanding."
...A listener review for How Thin the Veil
"Tim delivered a topnotch performance for me. He’s an excellent narrator"
...Margy Bauman, Publisher of Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology
1st person narrative
Length   1:36
Crime / Technology
3rd person narrative
Length   1:24
3rd person narrative
Length   1:20
Faith and religion
3rd person narrative
Length   1:21
Technical narrative
Length   1:19
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"Tim's narrating skills are superb."
...Anna Raats, Ambassador International
"His suggestions allowed the narration to transcend the material."
...Ryne Douglas Pearson, author of The Donzerly Light
"I have received numerous compliments on the quality of his work from my readers"
...Robert H. King, Jr, author of Why: A Courtroom Drama
3rd person narrative
Length   1:44
Science Fiction
Male/female dialogue
Length   1:28
3rd person narrative
Length   1:28
1st person perspective
Male/male dialogue
Length   1:32
1st person perspective
Male/female dialogue
Length   1:40
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Empty Places
by Martin Roy Hill
for the author
A war-scarred news reporter returns to the States to discover his former wife brutally murdered and the local cops doing nothing to find her killer. Driven by guilt and regret over his failed marriage, he sets out with an old friend, to find the killer. They unearth a shadowy world of sex, drugs, political corruption and soon become the hunted.
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In post-production
The Last Refuge
by Martin Roy Hill
for the author
A U.S. helicopter massacres a small convoy of American MPs. Among the dead: a civilian engineer discovered by the soldiers behind enemy lines. A freelance journalist is hired to write the story about a wrongful death lawsuit against the government and a defense contractor. The problem: the government insists the lawsuit does not exist, and the contractor claims the engineer did not work for them. Worse, someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.
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Scientific Creationism
by Henry M. Morris
for Blackstone
Scientific Creationism allows science to speak, without referencing the Bible or other religious literature, in this undeniable study of origins.

Scientific Creationism gives equal consideration to both scientific philosophies and offers more scientific reasoning and logical interpretation
offering irrefutable evidence that supports creationism rather than evolutionism.
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