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Excerpts ~3-4 minutes
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Stranger in a Strange World
by Lawrence Gold MD
My second book for Dr. Gold tells the story of twins in hospital residence and how their lives change after one of them develops both Asperger's Syndrome and savant-like intelligence after an accident.
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The Linen God
by Jim O'Shea
The Shroud of Turin is the most studied and controversial religious relic in human history. The ancient linen cloth bears the image of a man, alleged to be that of Jesus of Nazareth. What if it were real? What if it contained a secret powerful enough to alter the course of human history? And what if it fell into the wrong hands?
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APAC and Johnny Heller's 4th Annual Splendiferous Workshop
On May 29, I'll be in New York City at Johnny Heller's 4th Annual Splendiferous Workshop, then at APAC on May 30. I hope to see you at one of both of these big events.