Tim Danko
Audiobook Narration
"Tim has a voice of authority. People want to believe what he says."
...Christina Rooney, Penguin Random House
"Tim found just the right voice style and pace that I was looking for."
...Linda Pendleton, author of A Search for Meaning
1st person narrative
Length 3:22
3rd person narrative
Length 3:09
Faith / religion
1st person narrative
Length 3:52
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"Tim's narrating skills are superb."
...Anna Raats, Ambassador International
"His suggestions allowed the narration to transcend the material."
...Ryne Douglas Pearson, author of The Donzerly Light
Elder/youth dialogue
3rd person narrative
Length 3:44
1st person dialogue
Male/female dialogue
Length 3:24
3rd person narrative
Father/son dialogue
Length 2:54
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The Linen God
by Jim O'Shea
for Ambassador International
The Shroud of Turin is the most studied and controversial religious relics in human history. The ancient linen cloth bears the image of a man, alleged to be that of Jesus of Nazareth. What if it were real? What if it contained a secret powerful enough to alter the course of human history? And what if it fell into the wrong hands?
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Now available
The Image - A Guide to Pseudo-events
by Daniel J Boorstin
for Blackstone
Originally written in 1962, The Image is a prescient book asserting that society, over time, would demand more spectacle, more celebrity,and “pseudo-events”, that is, events which are created solely for the sake of being reported…and that all this distracts us from objective truth.
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Empty Places
by Martin Roy Hill
for the author
A war-scarred news reporter returns to the States to discover his former wife brutally murdered and the local cops doing nothing to find her killer. Driven by guilt and regret over his failed marriage, Peter sets out with an old friend, to find the killer. They unearth a shadowy world of sex, drugs, political corruption and soon become the hunted.
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